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Shri Gurunanak Public School

About Us

Today, Shri Guru Nanak H/S Public School stands tall as a premier educational institution in Rudrapur. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and a dedicated team of experienced and qualified teachers.The school follows the CBSE curriculum and focuses on providing holistic education to its students. Along with academic excellence, equal emphasis is given to extracurricular activities such as sports, music, dance, art and craft. The school also organizes various cultural events and competitions to encourage the overall development of students.In addition to providing quality education within its premises, the school also actively participates in community service activities. It conducts awareness programs on various social issues and encourages students to contribute towards the betterment of society. . .

Principal SGNPS

Principal's Message

As the principal of Shri Gurunanank H/S Public School, I extend a warm welcome to all students, parents, and  my team along with the visitors.
"Sarbat Da Bhala" - may everyone prosper and be in good health. At our school, we are committed to creating an environment that fosters the multidimensional growth of each child.
We strongly believe in equipping our students with 21st century skills such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and "I-We-You" skills. Our goal is to empower students to become well-rounded individuals who possess the necessary skills to thrive in today's rapidly evolving world. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for our students to collaborate, think critically, and develop digital literacy that will serve them well in their future endeavours.
As we continue on this journey of learning and growth together, I encourage all members of our school community to support and actively participate in these initiatives. It is through our collective efforts that we can truly make a difference in the lives of our students. I am confident that by working together towards these goals, we can achieve excellence while upholding the values that make us proud members of this school.
Warm regards,
Jatinder Kaur Sandhu

Vice Principal's Message

Welcome to our school! As the Vice Principal, I am excited to be part of this wonderful school community. 
Our school's mission is to provide a nurturing, engaging, and enriching educational experience for all our students. We believe in empowering our students to reach their full potential - academically, socially, and personally. 
Through our dedicated teachers, diverse curriculum, and wide range of extracurricular activities, we strive to cultivate a love of learning in each child. Whether it's excelling in the classroom, exploring new hobbies and interests, or developing important life skills, our goal is to support our students every step of the way.
We also place a strong emphasis on building a positive school climate - one that fosters kindness, respect, and a sense of community. Our students, families, and staff work together to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.
As we embark on the new school year, I look forward to getting to know each of our students and families. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to support you and ensure your child has a rewarding and meaningful educational experience.
Here's to an outstanding school year ahead!
warm regards,
Umed Singh

Vice principal SGNPS

Contact Us


Near Balaji Mandir, Adarsh Colony, Rudrapur, U.S.Nagar, 263153


Opening Hours

Mon - Sat

8:00 am – 2:00 pm



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